perjantai 25. tammikuuta 2013

January blues

This morning I had a headache so I decided to stay home. I ended up doing absolutely nothing today, besides making dinner for my family and watching two movies; one extremely violent tarantino film full of blood (inglorious basterds), the other one maybe the worst woody allen ever (to rome with love). The only good thing was the director himself in the role of the retired opera director. Now I'm listening to Jake Bugg, who's music is just awesome. 

Two weeks ago, we went to Michelle's place in Malmedy with a group of people from YFU. We had a great time eating swiss cheese fondue and exploring the bars of the small town. We should definitely do things like that more often. 

The oldies left back to Australia and New Zealand and wherever. Now there's new students coming, one of them also in my school, a girl from Australia. She seems great! It felt so weird when I met her, because I realized I was the one explaining the policies of our school and telling things i thought she should know since she had just arrived. Five months ago I was in her place and it feels like the time has gone so fast. Now I'm halfway through this, but even in the end of my year I'll know it was just the beginning of all of this being a part of me. And me being a part of it. The family, the country, the amazing people. The little things that are a part of my days have become so important it feels weird to think about the time before all this. 

I've been having this annoying cold for several weeks now, and because of that (that's a lame excuse) I've been really lazy and mentally still on christmas holiday. I haven't gone to the gym at all and have been spending way too much time watching movies and staring at facebook's newsfeed updating it every two minutes trying to find something interesting but never succeeding. The most productive part of most of my weekdays has been cooking dinner, which I do a couple times a week. 

The mailman just brought me a packet from Finland and I'm eager to open it, so I'm just going to leave this short and add a bunch of photos from the last two weeks. Still taking them with my Iphone though, so no masterpieces ahead. If you're in Instagram, follow me with the nickname Tiinape (creative I know) to see more pictures. Today I'll go to the town to have a drink with friends from school, and tomorrow probably heading to Antwerp or Gent for the day. Happy weekend everyone! 

/ Too lazy to write in two languages. I'm counting on the english skills of my finnish friends.

estonia, australia and two finlands. 

Chailatte in starbucks

My home

Doggy dog

Walking with my buddy 

Happy birthday hostmommy


If you look closely you see a big norwegian smile

I'm pretty sure I've travelled more by train during these 5
months than a normal person during their lifetime. 


what a great combo

starter to hostmom's b-day dinner

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  1. I can really relate to the stuff you're going through. My exchange (to Sweden) was something I will never ever regret! Have fun in Ghent or Antwerp, both lovely cities :-)