keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2013

30 things

1. Eating belgian pralines with coffee
2. Going to the grocery store with my hostmom
3. Sitting in a car when it's dark outside and see the streetlights pass by
4. Seeing tourists and feeling like a local next to them
5. A long breakfast
6. coffee with cinnamon
7. Achieving your goals and noticing you can do even better
8. Days when school doesn't start early
9. Train rides
9. Cooking
10. Long conversations
11. How my family eats filet americain every sunday at noon
12. Making a good lunch to school
13. Knowing an answer in class (in french it doesn't happen often)
14. Getting packets from home
15. My cat's name (sock)
16. When the bus is on time (never.)
17. When it rains really bad and I don't have to go outside
18. Knowing the cities, and the ways to get to places by heart
19. Planning trips with friends
20. Having a lot of things in my calendar to look forward to
21. Online shopping (avoiding crowds)
22. Using a new toothpaste for the first time
23. Finding money from my bag
24. Burning candles
25. Drinking too much coffee (it can never be too much)
26. Only having morning classes on wednesdays
27. Planning stuff and writing to do -lists (read: having too much freetime)
28. Sticking on a budget
29. Carré (belgians will know)
30. The coffee they offer at the hairdresser which is always bad but tastes good because you're at the hairdresser

These are some of the things in my notebook. There are days that I rush through and don't notice how many little things I actually enjoy, that's why I write them down.
I hope everyone takes the time to stop and think what are your 30  things.

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