sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2013

How people treat you

"Every person you meet, every single one, is looking for their story. You become a part of it by how you treat them"

I don't know who was the wise person to say this, but since I saw this quote, I've been carrying it in my mind and trying to take the advice it gives. All the people you meet affect you, and vice versa, in one way or another. Everyone's creating their story, and you can affect theirs, by the way you act and the things you say. Negative people affect in a negative way, so if you can, why not be the positive one?

While being on exchange, I've met so many people, who I'll probably never see again after going back home. There's a lot of people that I know I'll keep in touch with and see them many times in the future, but there's many, who I wont come that close with. But that doesn't mean it doesn't matter, it doesn't mean there's no point in getting to know someone when you know you'll maybe never see again. They become a part of your story. Maybe they gave you an idea, maybe they inspired you in one way or another, maybe they just made you smile.

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  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera"


    Greetings from Italy


  2. toi on niin totta!
    vähäsen harmitti, kun kuulin kaverin sanovan ''en mä haluu tutustuu vaihtareihin koska ne kuitenkin lähtee pois...''

    1. Niimpä, tuo ajattelutapa on niin väärä, varsinkin jos lähtee vaihtoon!