tiistai 19. maaliskuuta 2013

Moments of happiness

Today I've had many. I woke up late and made myself the best ever chicken salad for lunch. There was sun outside and we decided to put up our pingpong -table and play beerpong (with juice though, i mean it was tuesday morning). I felt calm and happy for the whole afternoon and enjoyed the sun. Then I organized my plans for the spring a little. I have so many things coming up, with people who I love visiting and trips with friends. More about those later but I was stressing about planning these things really hard but today I got it all figured out and I'm just happy I have the possibility and privilege to do all of this. Now I'm listening to rihanna's "stay" on repeat and the song (and the video) just gives me shivers and makes me feel serene. I'll go and sleep a good night and tomorrow it's Liege day, which means great people and a lot of fun.

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