sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2013


There's been a lot going on these last weeks. There has been a lot of good moments, new friends and old ones. Before the holiday I spent a couple of days in a monastery near the french border on a retreat with school. It was interesting to see how the monks live, we even talked to one who had been living there for 63 years! The two weeks now have been easter holiday, so no school. I spent a calm day in Brussels, and one in Lille, which I had never been to before. We went to the zoo and explored the center, it seemed like a really nice city. We also went to Walibi (an amusement park next to Brussels) for a day and I concurred my fear of the rocket attraction (the one that goes up slowly and then drops the seats like a freefall) and noticed that I didn't die after all, so I wanted to do it again.

Last friday my best friend from Finland came to visit me for five days, and we tried our best to profit the time she spent here. We went out in the capital, did a day trip to the seaside and bruges, had a shopping day in Antwerp (which was plain torture for me as I couldn't buy anything) and spent a relaxed day in Liege. The rest two days we spent with my family and just updating each other about everything that's happened during there seven months. On thursday this week, we took her to the airport early in the morning (woke up at 4), and afterwards I stayed in Brussels with Greg, but the only thing we managed to do after three nights of almost no sleep was to go to a sushi buffet and eat so much we couldn't walk for a while. 

On friday I went to a dubstep party with Sophie (my sister) and Christelle. It was awesome and my feet still hurt for all the dancing and jumping. The rest of the weekend I've just spent home relaxing and studying my courses to Finland. I'm too lazy to write a separate post about everything even though I probably should, so I'll just throw in all the photos.

Backyard beerpong

 Why not buy a thousand? 

Easter morning

Never getting bored of discovering Brussels
Going to France
Indian food = heaven

The marina in Oostende 

The beach

Seaside in Oostende

Reunited after seven months!

Italy, USA and Venezuela

Taking it easy

Getting the day started with a huge overpriced coffee

In the zoo of Lille

Dat ass!

Making waffles!  

Doris (school retreat)

Gotta protect the beer

Bumped into Maison Martin Margiela in Brussels

Lunch Belgian style. If there are exchange students here that don't gain weight,
I don't know how you do it, but you're my hero.

Korean food 



In an amusement park

In Bruges

Made her taste all the necessities

The beer wall in Bruges

Happy sunday everyone!

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