maanantai 29. huhtikuuta 2013

The things I'll miss from Belgium

I hate to count, but the truth is there's only 60 days left until I leave my second home. There's so many things I'll miss in here, most of all the people, my family and friends. Some people have become closer to me than I never thought would happen in such a short time. But almost as much as the people, I will miss the little things. The familiar places, customs, routines.

I'll miss taking the yellow bus every morning to school. I'll miss how in that bus people always say hi to the driver when they get on, and bye, when they get off. In Finland I never use the bus in the first place, and even if I did, the driver would never say hi to me as friendly as they do here. I'll also miss the trains. I've probably travelled more by train during this year than an average person does during he's lifetime. I'll miss not having to buy the ticket, and using the gopass instead. I'll miss the blue seats of the train and the familiar views passing by, the villages, the rivers, the fields.

Even though I'm a fan of beautiful design and architecture, I'll still miss the monotonic red brick houses you see all over in here. I'll miss how you can tell by the colour of the bricks, if the house was build before or after 2005 (red bricks before, beige ones after). I'll miss how they renovate the houses and build random toilets that stick out from the otherwise perfectly normal-shaped house. (

I'll miss the weird nonsense weather, that can change from rain to sunshine to snow and back to sunshine again in one day. I'll miss grocery shopping (well I like that in Finland too), and the pakis, little corner shops, run by pakistani people, that are never closed. I'll even miss making my sandwiches to school! I'll miss how they have a thousand different sauces for fries.

I'll miss the dialect (oufti!), and how they say café when they mean a pub. I'll miss how you're able to have a beer at noon without anyone looking badly at you. I'll miss the way people dress, even though I don't really like it. The teenagers all with their Longchamp-bags and Abercrombie-hoodies. And I'll miss the old people dressing really well, silk scarves on their necks and their shoes always shiny. I'll miss giving bisous every time I meet someone. After that the cold way we greet people back home (if we even do) feels really rude.

I'll miss saturdays in Brussels or Antwerp, or which ever city feels good on that particular day. I'll miss discovering new places every week. I'll miss randomly meeting exchange students (usually on their way to celtica). One of the things I'll miss the most will be wednesdays in Liege. It will feel weird to suddenly have normal, long schooldays on wednesdays instead of only having the morning hours. I'll miss the parties, that are nothing like the ones we have back home. I'll miss always having something going on, having the possibility to go to a dubstep-party or some other event. I'll miss the carnevals, the markets and the street sales.

I'll miss the belgian attitude, which is not at all competitive like the one in the northern countries. Belgians are much more relaxed, they live in the moment.

I'll miss the food, of course. I'll miss my room, my old antique bed, my wallpapers with fish on them. I'll miss having a sink in my room, i'll miss eating pain au chocolate on sunday-mornings. I'll miss the hairstyles people have, my favorite bars, the teacher who always dresses really weird, the staircase on the way to the train station, the pita place, TV with voice-overs.. This list could go on forever.

Fortunately I'm lucky and I know I'll come back already during this year to visit. Yesterday we fixed a date for our last night together with the others, and it feels so wrong, so final, to plan the days before going home. I'm really exited at the same time, of course, I can't wait to see everyone back in Finland.

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