perjantai 17. toukokuuta 2013


I've had the most amazing time these weeks. I was in Amsterdam for a few days, and queensday there was something I've never seen before. Millions of people on the streets celebrating the last queensday before crowning the new king. everyone was dressed up in orange, of course, and the canals were full of party boats. It was something everyone should experience once in their lives, and I'm sure that won't the only time for me.

A week after Amsterdam, my parents came to visit me for a few days. I was really exited to show my new country to them, and even in such a little time we did a lot of things, and they got to know my family. It was such a great few days, and seeing my parents wasn't strange at all, as I had first thought it would be. My two families got along better than well with each other and we started planning for the belgian one to come visit Finland as well. 

Last weekend we had a re-entry with Yfu in Mons. Michelle and Sofie spent friday night at my place since we had to take the train to Mons really early in the morning. It was just perfect seeing everyone together, but the athmosphere was sad at the same time, because we knew it was the last time for all of us to be together. The time we spent actually doing activities as groups to deal with going back home was not more than a few hours, and after that we all went out together. The next day we signed flags for each other, made plans for the remaining time and talked about how strange, heartbreaking and wrong it feels that all this will soon be over. Later we had a big barbecue in an old castle with the families, the stuff of yfu and a few students that will leave for exchange this fall.

Now I've spent a few days with Greg. He's leaving Belgium early, on monday or tuesday, and I want to make the best of his last days here with him. He's become one of my best friends here and it won't be the same when he's gone. 


The highest spot of Belgium
Fathers and daughters

Oh dad we're so much alike (in the outlet of a chocolate factory)

An american cemetery

Queensday spirit

Us as queens of holland

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